Agriculture & Rural Development

Reliable in Global Partnership

Agriculture becomes a key factor in generating economic development of the region as well as improving national food security particularly on food crops development.

Indonesian products of horticulture, plantation, animal husbandry, fishery and forestry are the national dependable economic commodities for domestic consumption or export demands.

Agriculture product competitiveness is highly depends to the technology and input quality.  Extension and farmer capacity building become one of important target to make agriculture products more competitive and sustainable.  Synergy of farmer group, extension worker and research societies in agribusiness network will lead to a strong agriculture for economic development.

The service of MCI in Agriculture sector covers components of:

  • Resources Study and Evaluation to formulate sustainable resources management of forestry, marine and fishery exploration or identify its suitability for agriculture production. The Study includes various suitable evaluations of climate, soil, land-use, population, culture and infrastructure networks.
  • Agriculture Development Plan including economic assessment of agribusiness commodities covers analysis of sustainable natural resources, product competitiveness, processing industries, delivery and market demand.
  • Water Resources Development is the important infrastructure for Food Crop Agriculture and Fishery, which MCI involvement ranges from planning, feasibility and detailed engineering.
  • Forestry and Land Conservation – including study on forest resources management, land use planning, nature conservation, upland and watershed rehabilitation, and forest community empowerment.
  • Integrated Rural Development – this multi-sectoral development study accommodates aspects of livelihood, resources management, productivity and rural infrastructure improvement to generate local economic development. Community empowerment, become essential mechanism for effective result through community participatory principle. MCI has achieved outstanding results in this field, particularly in rural area development for poverty alleviation.