Human Settlement & Environment Sector

Reliable in Global Partnership

MCI prominent experiences in urban settlement are reflected from successful services to the private sector in

 masterplan and conceptual development studies for township development to the private sectors in Malaysia and Indonesia. The studies cover settlement and infrastructure planning, prospective high-tech


 industrial development and higher education facilities (include R&D), land prices and property market including building conservation and revitalization.

In addition, new industrial developments are demanding comprehensive planning, including environmental consideration of existing infrastructure capacities and constraints. Similarly, new commercial and residential developments require a long term assessment of spatial planning. Functional and attractive designs incorporating public amenities serve as a source of metropolitan pride and influence the public’s acceptance and the long-term success of a project.

The reputation of MCI in environment sector is raised from intense entanglements on various Environment Impact Assessment (AMDAL) as well as Environmental Management Actions and LARAP (Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan).

MCI also involved in several JICA’s studies on biodiversity and natural resources management which covers local community participation and institutional strengthening.