Industrial and Investment Development Sector

Reliable in Global Partnership

National economic development could not independently be separated from the necessity of capacity strengthening to enter a global competition. The prominent issue in the sector is the sustainable product competitiveness which is so far restrained by shortage of natural raw material, low labour productivity, limited infrastructure and less inventive development for prospective market segment.

The service of MCI in industrial and investment development also covers industrial estate development.

MCI has considerable experiences in various study regarding the policy, master plan, and feasibility study for developing industrial compound including detailed engineering design and specification for their infrastructure.

The other strong point of MCI services is development of tourism industry which covers policies study and master plan for tourism development especially for region tourism destination centre.

By utilizing a comprehensive and inter-sectoral approach, industrial and investment development study in this field not only focused on ‘supply interest’ but also considering the regional competitive advantage and potential segment or trends of regional and global market.  With this approach, MCI can produces a more realistic and objective plan for investment.

Likewise, the development of industrial cluster which are dominated by small and medium scale businesses need coherent effort in facilitating a better: product quality, market oriented design, material technology and buyer network.

In addition to improve investment climate, MCI has also conducted various assessment to the law and regulation condition after decentralization, regional cost economy and local retribution, local labor productivity including supporting infrastructures in each provinces.  All correlates with the interest of many foreign industries to invest in Indonesia.