Scope of Services

Reliable in Global Partnership

MITRAPACIFIC CONSULINDO INTERNATIONAL provides an entire range of consulting services ranging from initial conceptual studies to operational management.

Our scope of service includes:

Agriculture & Rural Development: Agriculture becomes a key factor in generating economic development of the region as well as improving national food security particularly on food crops development.

Strategic Development Studies; To conduct policies study that accommodate  the natural resources management aspect, social welfare and labour, infrastructure capacity, regional economic competitiveness and market aspect.

Feasibility Study and Master Plan; to prepare development option and concept planning, including marketing, and economic and financial analyses.

Design, Engineering and Construction Supervision; including preparation of contract documents, technical specifications, assistance in tendering, testing and acceptance, and overall supervision.

Project Management; comprehensive management consulting services for the entire execution of a project, being responsible on behalf of the client and under his general control for all design, procurement and supervision of construction.

Monitoring and Management Assistant Service; comprehensive services from technical monitoring, financial monitoring, socialization, evaluation and guideline preparation to capacity building of local government the covering area of the program are scattered for poverty reduction program which embraces officials and community people.

Community Development is a prominent segment of PT. MCI particularly in local economic development and poverty reduction. Community Development is very important to ensure the sustainability of project execution through arising sense of belonging of community. So far PT. MCI has successfully implemented a community development model in rural infrastructure development at many sub-districts (kecamatan) in Sumatera and Kalimantan.

Capacity Bulding takes a longer effort to strengthen the product capacity and commitment of community institution as well as the other stakeholders like local government to support development process. Capacity Building is an important emerging issue since the decentralization era which is aimed at improving the regional capacity and strength.

Monitoring and Evaluation and Project Benefit Analysis to comprehensively monitor and evaluate the project output, outcome, effect and impact on social – economical development with emphasis on poverty alleviation and sustainability of project. Our clients from government and private sector have trusted PT. MCI to deliver the service particularly under the frame of various international cooperation agency like JICA and JBIC.

In the line with the long-term Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), MCI put special interest on fighting poverty and poverty reduction program. Since mid of 1990s MCI has supported Government of Indonesia (GOI) efforts to alleviate poverty through various programs such as Presidential Instruction on Less Development Villages (Inpres Desa Tertinggal= IDT); IDT- Village Infrastructure Development Program (P3DT); Integrated rural development program (P2D); etc. The implementation of those programs mostly deals with community empowerment and bottom-up planning process; whilst transparency, participatory and accountability become the major approaches applied in the implementation.